Viel Platz für
Körper, Geist und Seele

Auflebensraum und Genusszone.

Der vitalisierende Kraftquell, das subtropisch temperierte Hallenbad mit Gegenstrom-Anlage, ausgedehnte Ruhezonen und jede Menge Lesestoff machen es einfach, sich federleicht zu fühlen.

The indian wisdom of the world.

Ayurveda pays the activation of self-healing power great attention.
The preventive avoidance of diseases through a healthy lifestyle is the goal.

Healing Hands

Expertly performed massages, Moor (Mud) Packs, lymph draining and foot-reflexology therapy activate every fibre of your body and get your cellular metabolism going. Fully committed to health with all our treatments we only use oils from controlled biologic cultivation.

Groomed healthy

When true beauty rises from inner harmony, the accordance of body, mind and soul, then true beauty-care can’t stop on the outside. It has to be able to do more. Enjoy holistic cosmetics.

Gentle exercise for heart and circulation

Our Health-Fitness-Programm moves muscles, joints and ligaments for long lasting well-being. We invite all our guests to attended these trainings.

The place for your well-being

The Kraftquell offers a refreshing and relaxing environment to increase well-being during your stay at the cure hotel Hochbühl.