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The indian wisdom of the world.

Ayurveda pays the activation of self-healing power great attention. The preventive avoidance of diseases through a healthy lifestyle is the goal.

Ayurveda in Steinhausers Hotel Hochbühl

Single Treatment

Min. Service Price
60' Mukabhyanga
Face-Head-Upper Body Massage
€ 85,-
60' Padabhyanga
Foot massage and alkaline compress
€ 85,-
60' Ubanasveda
Back massage and herb application
€ 85,-
60' Shiroabhyanga
Head-, Neck-, and Shoulder massage
€ 85,-
90' Abhyanga
Full body oil massage
€ 125,-
Ayurveda in Steinhausers Hotel Hochbühl

All around maintained

Service Price
Weight loss in Ayurveda

1x Garshan, 1x Udvartana, 1x Abhyanga

In Ayurveda there is no fat|skinny, big|small or beautiful|ugly, like we judge so quickly here in the west. Beauty in Ayurveda has to do with your inner light, which can be stoked to shine bright. To be happy is the only task we have to accomplish. Then we are healthy, beautiful, smart, our immune system strong and our beauty can show its full splendor. The Agni (The Metabolism) is stimulated, while Ama (The Undigested) is broken down. This way everyone can find their personal ideal weight.

€ 235,-