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The indian wisdom of the world.

Ayurveda pays the activation of self-healing power great attention. The preventive avoidance of diseases through a healthy lifestyle is the goal.

Ayurveda in Steinhausers Hotel Hochbühl

Single Treatment

Min. Service Price
60' Mukabhyanga € 80,-
60' Padabhyanga
Foot massage
€ 80,-
60' Ubanasveda
Back massage
€ 80,-
60' Shiroabhyanga
Head-, Neck-, and Shoulder massage
€ 80,-
90' Abhyanga
Full body massage
€ 110,-
120' Samvahana
Full body care
€ 145,-
Ayurveda in Steinhausers Hotel Hochbühl

All around maintained

Service Price
I feel free
Get a Padabhyanga to chill down. Get a Mukabhyanga for to feel the butterflies again, and get an Upanasveda for to strengthen your back.
€ 225,-
Weightless Well-Being
Experiencing happiness makes your inner light glow. A Garshan, an Udvartana and an ayurvedic massage with ginger oil and a tissue massage lead to the perfect body weight.
€ 225,-