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The place for your well-being.

The Kraftquell offers a refreshing and relaxing environment to increase well-being during your stay at the cure hotel Hochbühl.

Pure relaxation in Steinhausers Kraftquell

Place to unwind

Water is the source of life. In Steinhausers Kraftquell you experience its vitalizing effect. After the stimulation of sauna or steam bath you can enjoy the calmness and give your circulation some relaxation. Flip through one of the magazines lying around or a brought book before you get active again.

Sauna im Kraftquell in Steinhausers Kurhotel Hochbühl

Tingling invigorating Sauna

The finnish Sauna promotes detoxification from the inside with high temperatures in dry air. The skin is deep cleansed and all cells are stimulated through the immense heat. The conclusive Infusion intensifies the effect and exerts the circulatory system even more with the following cool-off in the splash shower.

Rock steam-bath in the Kraftquell in Steinhausers Hotel Hochbühl

The rock steam-bath

Contrary to the finnish sauna, the rock steam- or brine-bath works through moderate temperature with high humidity. The warm mist in the air condensates on the skin an cleans every pore. The wet, warm and salty is a treat for the upper airways and the mild tropical rain an excellent culmination.

Relaxation in the Kraftquell in Steinhausers Hotel Hochbühl

The rest after activity

The Kraftquell is a magnificent place to unwind. Rest on comfortable loungers, enjoy the available water and feel the relaxation settle in before you become active again.

Indoor pool in the Kraftquell in Steinhausers Hotel Hochbühl

The indoor pool

Swimming against the current whilst feeling weightless in the tropic water, just letting yourself float, experiencing how good tranquility feels.