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Cure applications

Your cure in the best hands.

Depending on the type of cure, additional applications are appreciated. That's why it's nice to know that in the cure hotel Hochbühl trained professionals are concerned about your well-being.



Cure applications in Steinhausers cure hotel Hochbühl

Price list

These special cure applications are performed depending on spa doctor prescriptions.

Service Price
Schroth's Package € 21,-
Liver compress € 11,-

Spa Doctor Services „Diabetes II”

We offer two special variants of Schroth's cure of 14 and 21 days for the treatment of diabetes mellitus type II. These are accompanied by even closer spa doctor supervision, starting with a complete physical examination and concluded by an extensive dialogue with the doctor. If you are interested, please ask us.

Service Price
Cure supervision for two weeks € 216,-
Cure supervision for three weeks € 237,-

Higher quality of life