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Health Fitness

Gentle exercise for heart and circulation.

Our Health-Fitness-Programm moves muscles, joints and ligaments for long lasting well-being.

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Aqua Training

The pleasantly tempered indoor pool creates an option for the increase in flexibility. Since in the water gravity is partly alleviated the expertly guided exercises can gently mobilize the whole locomotor system.

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Dru-Yoga Meditation promotes deep relaxation as well as increasing your perceptual field and ability to reflect. The exercises strengthen concentration so that you can take a step back and find calmness even in the hectic everyday.

Hiking with Thomas Steinhauser


Explore, on a guided hike, the beauty of the Oberallgäuer alps. Well guided you discover the most obscure corners and enjoy the sweeping view over the land. Your circulatory system will appreciate the gentle exercise as much as your soul.