The Restaurant in Steinhausers cure hotel Hochbühl


Meals in an appropriate scope

Since only guests have access to the restaurant it is the perfect place for card- or board games, for sunbathing on the terrace or just to think about the day over a hot cup of tea: the Restaurant complements the individual activities with company and treats of Sabine Steinhausers much praised cooking.

Breakfast table in Steinhausers cure hotel Hochbühl

Healthy Start

A tasteful start to the day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, that's why we care to create the optimal conditions: Sitting in the sun-filled space of the winter garden, freshly squeezed juices, crisp fruits, deliciously smelling bread and a large selection of mueslis, cheeses, sausages and jams beckon you to have a brilliant start into the day.

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Here you enjoy your stay.

  • During the fasting cure Sabine Steinhauser provides you with freshly squeezed juices, aromatic fruit teas and animating vegetable broth. The important breaking of the fast occurs here as well, so that the Restaurant becomes an important companion of your cure success even in the fasting cure after Dr. Buchinger.

    Fasting cure after Dr. Otto Buchinger

  • Since over sixty years has Schroth's cure been prescribed by the Steinhauser family, and you can taste this extensive experience in every bite. Sabine Steinhauser accomplishes the feat of making even salt-less and vegan cooking into a culinary experience and elevates Schroth-fare into something very special.

    Cure after Johann Schroth

  • The modern Regenata is defined by delicious dishes that bring the acid-alkaline-balance of the body into harmony. Through that Sabine Steinhauser can show how good healthy can taste. We will also gladly provide tips on how you can serve alkaline treats in your own house.

    Jentschuras Regenata

Sabine Steinhauser cooked for you in Steinhausers cure hotel Hochbühl

Sabine cooks.

Taste has a good reason.

Cooking is her passion and calling: Sabine Steinhauser has been working from morning to evening in the cure hotel Hochbühl's kitchen for decades and makes sure that your your diet follows all rules of the cure with impressive taste.

Teebar in Steinhausers Kurhotel Hochbühl

Fruity and hot.

Vitalizing Tea around the clock

As a guest in Steinhausers cure hotel Hochbühl, you have access to the tea bar. Here a classical Samovar dispenses hot water around the clock with which to can brew your chosen blend of tea in minutes. This way you quench your thirst in a healthy way, with hot, energized water


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Das virtuelle Kurhotel Hochbühl

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