Energized Water

Energy out of each tap

As a Cure Hotel we do everything in our power to create the best conditions for the success of your Cure. This begins with the great pre-alpine environment of Oberallgäu with it’s crystal clear air and fresh, high quality water. . Water is an essential part of Life as well as our Cures, that’s why the Hotel Hochbühl is equipped with a Menalit® Water-system.

Menalit Aqua invigorates and vitalizes the excellent Water of Oberallgäu in completely natural ways, without any supplements, additives or using any energy. The Menalit® Water-system increases the wealth of positive Oscillation Patterns. Here the improvement of the atmosphere through neutralization of interference fields comes out of every tap in the Hotel Hochbühl. So that you can enjoy every sip.