Schroth Intensive

The occasional strong Cure

Two weeks of Schroth’s cure works wonders. During the 14 days of the Cure you'll experience lasting results. Through the intensive care of the Masseur and our Health-Fitness-Program you will get more active and gain a new Lust for Life.

Because Schroth’s cure strengthens your immune system, it is advised before the yearly wave of colds. So make your Cure Vacation an effective prevention of illness and disease.


  • 14x Nights
  • Schroth-Diet

    12 Days Schroth-Diet; on the 12th day, Aufbau-soup for Lunch, potatoes and quark for Dinner, on the 13th day a small Diet-Breakfast, for Lunch and Dinner Aufbaukost, on the 14th day Breakfast before departure.

  • 4x Back massage (ca. 20 min.)
  • 11x Schroth’s Packages
  • Draw from the Kraftquell
  • Health-Fitness Program
  • starting at  1 349,- in the Room „Kapf”

The stated price is per Person, including the local tax and the fee of the Spa Doctor which is ca. € 73,-